Saturday, February 25, 2012

Zena 15K 2-5-12

Zena is a small(ish) 15K race NW of Salem. I heard about the race from Tom Atkins, who ran it last year, and Lewis Taylor. The race is run on super bowl weekend and has been going for 44 years! That's amazing. It's a great loop that is exactly 15k with no silly ad on at the end so I can see why it has attracted runners for over 4 decades. It starts out with a steep 1 mile climb, rolling up 2 miles, then 2-3 miles downhill and then a "rolling" last 3 miles.

Going into this race my training had been maybe in the 60 miles per week with long runs and a few mediocre workouts. I raced this one and it really reminded me how much it hurts to work a hard road race, good stuff. Considering the course I was really happy with a 53:51 / 5:43 average pace. Sunsweet teammate Lewis Taylor was less than a minute back in 54:44.

In an effert to maintain our "ultrarunner" geek status, Lewis and I ran the thing backwards after the race and then enjoyed a beer in the sun complements of Tom Atkins (the beer not the sun)

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